PMS makes me better

August 27, 2008

I have PMS. That means I’m angry and puffy for about 9 days straight. That also means that I have no patience for stupidity, which most boys I meet are full of. Today is day 7 so I’m deep into it.

I was supposed to go out with Sebastian tonight. Last week, we decided on Friday night this week. This was huge since I’ve been the proud holder of the Monday night slot for a while. Then before last weekend, he asked if we could move it to Wednesday (today). Fine, no problem. Monday he checked in to make sure we were still on and I confirmed.

Then today I get a text from him asking how I was. When I asked how he was, he told me he was exhausted from all these meetings he has today and tomorrow, blah blah blah. So I asked if this was his way of bailing and he said he wasn’t sure. That he just wanted to give me the heads up. Whatever. Sayonara Señor Sebastian. Here’s my reasoning:

  1. I’ve gone out with him a few times and still know nothing about him
  2. I kind of don’t trust him
  3. He’s young
  4. I have PMS

GRRRRRR. Normally, I’d be a lot more laid back about this but I’m just really tired of this crap. Oh well. At least I didn’t waste time shaving my legs this morning.


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