Let the music play, down at Fraggle Rock

December 29, 2008

Bubbles and I were out one night and I wasn’t really into meeting anyone so I decided to be the best wing-woman ever. I gave her number to a bartender she’d been into for a while and then decided to work on this guy, Bear, she’d been eyeing all night. I went up to Bear and his buddies (one hottie, one nottie) and chatted away. After introducing Bubbles and convincing Bear that he should buy her breakfast that weekend, I tried to find a way to talk to the hottie friend. Instead the nottie, Muppet, had me cornered. My attempts to get away from him were feeble and I ended up with his number. I never called him.

About a month later, after many scheduling conflicts, Bubbles and Bear had plans to grab a drink after work and apparently I was expected to come along as Muppet wanted to see me. As I was going back & forth with Bubbles, a Facebook notification popped up on my Blackberry. “Blah Blahblah would like to add you as a friend.” Who is this random Mr. Blahblah, I do not know. So I asked. Turns out, it was Muppet. I had been Facebook stalked. UGH. So after a couple emails through FB, I agreed to hang out that night. The 4 of us went to the same bar where we’d all met, got a couple drinks, started a trivia game and then Bubbles and I took off. Bear was cool and she liked him but I was not feeling Muppet. He looked like a tame version of Animal and was kind of arrogant too.

A day or two later, I got a message on Facebook from him. “Hey had a great time hope we can do it again sometime send me your number mine is whatever whatever whatever.” I did not want this guy having my number so I replied something to the effect of “Was a cool night. I love trivia. We should hang out as a group soon” to which he replied mentioning that I’d forgotten to include my number. I never wrote back.

Bubbles and I were at a different bar a couple days after that (ha! It sounds like we’re such partiers) and he was there. I just avoided eye contact and haven’t seen him since.


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