I don’t even know what to call this

January 2, 2009

I played tennis as a kid and I was decent at it. I pretty much stopped playing when I was 16 or so and this past summer I decided that I missed it and wanted to get back into it. I went on Craigslist and found an instructor with good enough credentials and set up some time with him.

I was horrible. Like really really bad. But the guy, Grin, was patient and encouraging and I had fun with him. We ended up talking a bit at the end and he was definitely cool. First, he played tennis, which is always a plus in my book. He was also a chef and enjoyed the finer things in life – such as BBQ and cheese. Did I mention he was cute too? Perfect.

So the next day I get an email from him saying how much fun he had with me at the lesson. That he hoped we’d get together soon to have some BBQ and so he could see my dimples. There were winks all over the place. It was crazy. So anyway, I kept playing (if you can call it that) tennis with him and ended up having dinner with him once. We had a blast but he just gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek at the end of the night, but I was still getting the same type of emails saying how cute I was and stuff.

We played more tennis and the end of the summer came. He only spends summers in this area and lives across the country for the rest of the year. So I had a goodbye lunch with him where he told me things like I was an amazing woman inside and out. That I took his breath away, that he wished he had taken me on a proper date, blah blah blah, but that he knew he was leaving soon and hadn’t wanted to start something he couldn’t finish. He asked me to keep in touch, telling me he’d be in town often and to see him when I was out there (I was supposed to go out there a couple times). 

So we’ve done kept in touch. Then on New Year’s Eve (Oh Happy New Years, by the way) at 11:32 pm I get this text: “Happy New Year LS! I’m going to be a Dad!”



One comment

  1. What the hell?? Men are crazy! Why would he even contact you to tell you that? Bizarre.

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