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Did you just touch my butt?

September 26, 2008

**Sorry for the delay. It’s been impossible for me to try to get this night into words. Let me know if it doesn’t make sense.**

So 8 years passed after college and the separation from Senor Del Campo. Then one Saturday early this year, he found me on MySpace and we got back in touch. He kept trying to see me but at one point he had told me he loved me (?? Uh, hello. You haven’t seen me in a decade) and I wasn’t comfortable with what his expectations would be. Plus, it would never work out. We are WAY too different. So instead, I started to put together a little reunion for us and our friends from college. It was agreed that Senor Del Campo, my best friend Juicy and this guy Escobar, who had lived with SDC in college, would all meet up in the city where Escobar lived (it was a good central point).

So that Juicy and I would be comfy, I booked us a hotel room and figured that the guys would stay at Escobar’s place. Escobar had been a drinking mess in college but had since gotten a DUI and was on probation (no bars & no drinking allowed) so he told us all about how he’d cleaned up his life and was doing great. Awesome. We decided to just go out to dinner and then just hang out in the hotel room and drink so as not to compromise that.

Back at the hotel, this is how it went down. Escobar and Senor Del Campo drank an entire bottle of whiskey.  I checked my work email for about 10 seconds. Escobar went down the hall to get ice and peed in the ice machine. I ordered pizza for everyone and SDC decided to be obnoxious and pile all the white sheets on top of the pizza. SDC kept giving me looks of expectation which I ignored. He also kept grabbing me and getting a little rough with me even though I asked him not to.

Then Escobar started insisting that we go to a bar (what probation?). I wasn’t into it but Juicy wanted to go and I didn’t want to send her off alone, so I went. The place was actually ok and I was having a decent time until SDC starting touching my butt. I made it clear to him that it wasn’t cool. Then Escobar decided to corner me and tell me that I was a crappy friend and my priorities were messed up. (Did I mention we were in a bar and he was on probation?) I got pissed and called it a night.

At some point during the night Escobar disappeared and Senor Del Campo peed on the bathroom floor, which I got to step in in the morning because he didn’t clean it up. We left in the morning and SDC called me on my drive home. He babbled on about wanting to be with me or something and I told him that disrespecting me wasn’t the way to do it. Then he decided it would be really smart to say “Well you’re still beautiful chubby.”

WHAT?!?!?! (1) I’m 115 lbs. Yes, if you’re looking at Victoria Beckham (who I love), I’m chubby. Otherwise, not so much. (2) Even if I was severly obese, you don’t say that to a chick you’re trying to hook up with. I was already pissed about the other stuff so I just ended the conversation and haven’t really talked to him since.